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"A large amount of work has gone into this long term project, as we move forward with additional investment in the infrastructure, AMS´ ongoing support will be invaluable in achieving success."

Frank Purcell
IS Division
City of London
“As an organisation that has worked with AMS over more than 8 years, the City of London has successfully looked at new and emerging technologies and implemented them strategically to the benefit of all their users.”

Matt Hoppé
Managing Director
“The consultancy delivered by AMS has been critical in realising a strategic approach to application delivery.”

Frank Purcell
IS Division
City of London

City of London

“Like all government organisations, effieciency and flexibility are key. With the new technologies available in the market we have been able to develop long term strategic plans that deliver this flexibility at the right price."

Frank Purcell
IT Manager
City of London


Application Management Solutions Ltd worked with the City of London to transform their historical IT environment to an internal cloud infrastructure. Deployed to a user base of over 2000 users, this change is founded on moving the remote users particularly onto a managed cloud environment underpinned by Citrix to deliver their key applications via a SaaS (software as a service) model whilst using Appsense to manage profile and security settings.

About the Customer

City of London provides local government services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the 'Square Mile', looking after the needs of its residents, businesses and over 320,000 people. In addition to the usual services provided by a local authority such as housing, refuse collection, education, social services, environmental health and town planning, the City of London performs a number of very special functions. It runs its own police force and the nation's Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey.

The Challenge

City of London required a new system to replace their historical IT infrastructure. Owing to a growing need for users to be more mobile and to resolve performance issues, City of London found that it needed a different solution to cope with the changes in worker requirements. In addition to a dynamic IT delivery infrastructure a new profile and security solution was also required to fit in with this model.

The AMS Solution

AMS worked closely with City of London to plan, design and implement a Citrix internal cloud environment utilising APS (Application Packaging Services) and Citrix XenApp™ to deliver SaaS (software as a service) to both fat and thin client platforms, whilst an Appsense® solution was overlaid to apply profile and security measures for users. Over the last 6 years, the City of London have moved towards a platform enabling more efficient and strategic approach to delivering IT services to a widely varied end user base and a large mix of applications. This has all been coordinated through a primary desktop replacement project within the organisation.

The Benefits to the Customer

Amongst many cost saving, performance, security and help desk benefits this installation has enabled City of London to move their whole environment forward gaining the full potential an internal cloud based solution has to offer.

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